LIS 855: Reading Journal Final Reflective Post

I used the LIS 855 reading journal partly to jumpstart my first attempt at a “professional blog.”  I figured that since a major blogging pitfall is failure to actually blog, this would be a good way to establish a firm foundation for what I hope will be my professional blog for years to come. Continue reading

LIS 855: Reading Journal Week 14

Unit topic: Perpetual Access

Reading list:

  1. Jennifer Watson (2008) “Preservation Concerns in the E-Resources Environment” in Maria D.D. Collins and Patrick L. Carr (Eds) Managing the Transition from Print to Electronic Journals and Resources. New York: Routledge, pp 45-63.
  2. Library of Congress Speaker Series: Eileen Fenton “Portico: An Electronic Archiving Service” 45 minute video Continue reading