LIS 855: Reading Journal Week 13

Unit topic: Reflections on the Worklife of an ER Librarian

Reading list:

  1. Rebecca S. Albitz, Wendy Allen Shelbern (2007) “Marian Through the Looking Glass: The Unique Evolution of the Electronic Resources (ER) Librarian Position” in Mark Jacobs (Ed) Electronic Resources Librarianship and Management of Digital Information: Emerging and Professional Roles, Binghamton NY: Hayword, pp 15-30.
  2. Glenda Griffin (2009) “How to survive as a new serialist” Chapter in The E-Resources Management Handbook. (2006-present) Editor Graham Stone, Rick Anderson, Jessica Feinstein. Continue reading

LIS 855: Reading Journal Week 10

Unit topic: Data Standards & Silos

Reading list:

  1. Todd Carpenter (2008) Improving Information Distribution Through Standards. Presentation at ER&L 2008.
  2. Oliver Pesch “Library Standards and E-Resource Management: A Survey of Current Initiatives and Standards Efforts.” The Serials Librarian, Vol 55 No 3, 2008, pp 481-486. Continue reading

LIS 855: Reading Journal Week 8

Unit Topic: Technological Protection Measures

Reading list:

  1. Eschenfelder, K. R. (2008). “Every Library’s Nightmare? Digital Rights Management and Licensed Scholarly Digital Resources.” College and Research Libraries, 69(3), 205-225.
  2. Eschenfelder & Agnew (2010) Technologies Employed to Control Access to or Use of Digital Cultural Collections: Controlled Online Collections. D-Lib Magazine. Vol 16, No 1. Continue reading