LIS 855: Reading Journal Final Reflective Post

I used the LIS 855 reading journal partly to jumpstart my first attempt at a “professional blog.”  I figured that since a major blogging pitfall is failure to actually blog, this would be a good way to establish a firm foundation for what I hope will be my professional blog for years to come. Continue reading

LIS 855: Reading Journal Week 8

Unit Topic: Technological Protection Measures

Reading list:

  1. Eschenfelder, K. R. (2008). “Every Library’s Nightmare? Digital Rights Management and Licensed Scholarly Digital Resources.” College and Research Libraries, 69(3), 205-225.
  2. Eschenfelder & Agnew (2010) Technologies Employed to Control Access to or Use of Digital Cultural Collections: Controlled Online Collections. D-Lib Magazine. Vol 16, No 1. Continue reading

LIS 855: Reading Journal Week 7

Reading list:

  1. Tomas A. Lipinski (2003) “The Climate Of Distance Education In The 21st Century: Understanding And Surviving The Changes Brought By The TEACH (Technology, Education, And Copyright Harmonization) Act Of 2002” Journal of Academic Librarianship 362, (362-374).
  2. ARL Issue Brief: Streaming of Films For Educational Purposes Continue reading